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Military, Veterans, & First Responders Program

Murphy Bed Direct Military, Veterans, & First Responders Program

At Murphy Bed Direct, we want to honor those who have risked their lives and continue to do so to serve our great country - The United States of America! Your commitment to our freedom and safety goes way beyond what we can extend to you but its our way of showing the appreciation we have for those who have and are currently serving. Our dedicated support team will assist you with your order and get you the best possible deal.

Who Qualifies?

So who qualifies you ask? Current members of all United States Military branches (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or Space Force. We also don't forget about current and past firefighters, law enforcement, medical personnel, and similar first responders.

How To Apply

You can simply provide us proof of service or employment by emailing

From our family to yours we cannot express the appreciation we have to our country's Military and First Responders. We truly from the bottom of our hearts thank each and every one of the folks that keep our country going and safe on a daily basis. 


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