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FREE Shipping on all orders! Be sure to check out the Expedited Shipping Offers and White Glove Delivery options!
FREE Shipping on all orders! Be sure to check out the expedited shipping offers and white glove delivery options!



We have teamed up with Affirm to offer easy financing without a catch. Provide some basic information and get a real time decision to split your purchase into monthly payments.

Affirm strives to keep you out of unhealthy debt by providing fair, transparent credit so you can pay over time for the things you love. They offer affordable monthly payments at a pace you choose—usually 3, 6, or 12 months—so you're in control. From day one, you know how long you'll pay, and you know how much you'll pay because they never charge late fees or other hidden fees.

How it works

What is Affirm? How do I apply?

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. Affirm offers instant financing for online purchases that are paid in fixed monthly installments usually over 3,6, or 12 months. You can select Affirm during online checkout and follow the steps to see what your options are. 

What are Affirm's fees? Is there a minimum spend?

The annual percentage rate (APR) on an Affirm loan ranges from 0% to 30%. Affirm discloses any required fees upfront before you make a purchase, so you know exactly what you will pay for your financing. Affirm does not charge any hidden fees, including annual fees.

Does Affirm report to any credit bureaus?

For some purchases, Affirm will report to Experian.

These things won’t affect your credit score:

  • Creating an Affirm account
  • Seeing if you prequalify

These things may affect your credit score:

  • Making a purchase with Affirm
  • Your payment history with Affirm
  • How much credit you've used
  • How long you’ve had credit

It usually takes between 30–60 days for your loan and payment history to appear on your credit report.


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